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Waidale Rams - Online / Tenth On Farm Sale

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Introduction From Ike Williams:


Welcome to our Tenth annual on Farm sale. Note this year it’s at 2pm (an hour earlier than previous years) and at Glenafric: 1306 Mt Cass Road Waipara. I say ours this year, because I have share farmed my stud Romney, Southdown and South Suffolk flocks with James and Maria Hoban and James’ parents Pat and Judith. So it is a collaborative approach. The flocks have been at Glenafric since march of this year. Our sale is again a Helmsman sale that is run in conjunction with You can bid on rams over the internet and compete against those who come to the sale.

HOW GOOD ARE MY RAMS? The Romneys I would have to say (and yes I do breed them) are again bloody good, not sure they are better than last year, but they are up there. Figures wise, as a line, considerably better than last year. We are doubling down on type (as I am quite happy with what we have) namely a medium size ram, grunty, meaty, structurally sound (this is hard to get these days, I know from going to look for a stud ram for myself), a good fleece with good figures. A coupler rams have certainly helped in this regard and linking up a lot more has meant our figures have increased significantly presumably from being better benchmarked against other flocks. Anyway it’s pretty easy to buy a bloody good Waidale Romney ram, both on phenotype and genotype.

The Piggies (southdowns) are very good line up of commercial rams, best ever I think, very consistent type, reasonable size, good terminal sires. Again I am not looking for giant mature weights, I am trying to breed a grunty deep thick meaty ram, with good early growth.

The Blackies again will be impressive lineup. They are by 3 sires, the Suffolk, who is bred phenomenally well (still some sons by him again), some by a Southdown, good rams and the majority by a South Suffolk who has bred well, plenty of meat, bone. Figures for these boys are significantly better than last year, primarily because of our breeding program with the sires we are using.

Again our focus is on breeding a medium sized terminal ram (not a giant adult) that has very good early growth rates for slaughter as well as being a grunty meaty (ie good yielding) animal that thrives in conditions which are not always perfect. I am pretty confident the giant adult type doesn’t handle adverse conditions too well.

Note with all breeds of rams we are selling (and as a line), will have better hindquarters than you will find anywhere in New Zealand, this is not me dribbling on, I consider this a FACT.

AS always don’t take my word for it, come to my sale, see if what I am saying is right and at the very least have a beer and a sausage on us. See you there 2pm 28th November 2018.

Helmsman sale again in conjunction with AgOnline.  Videos and performance data on all rams should be available for viewing from around 8 November onwards.   Again last year we sold around 30 rams on line last year, (two years in a row this sort of number) and they bid on probably another 20 or 30. Accordingly it shows farmers have confidence to buy rams like this and as such it’s important to the sale. Every now and then the odd issue arises, but generally between myself and Agonline, we seem to sort it. If you are miles away or are too busy to make the sale, it really is an easy way to buy good rams from me!!
If you want to know more about what goes into it, the Rural delivery programme that was done on Waidale a coupler years ago; you can still see it by going to my website and clicking on the you tube video.
From the time everything is loaded on, hopefully 8 November at the latest, you can start bidding on them or indeed leave an auto bid if you wish, nothing easier!
All rams have a live weight as at the day they are videoed and again the Romneys will have the wool opened up so you can get an idea of the wool on the ram. If you do want more information than is on there, please feel free to ask me for it.

The sale starts at 2pm this year, not 3 and should be finished around 3.30 or so. I certainly invite everyone to stay afterwards and enjoy a beer with us!

Further Information:

Eye muscle scanning was undertaken on 19 March 2018 by Brent Macaulay of Multi Scan Services. I reiterate what’s important about scan figures is not the actual number but its relativity to others scanned on the same day. Moreover given the strength of heritability, the Sil Breeding EMA value is a good figure to rely on for ema as it takes into account age, live weight, siblings, all sires progeny etc., which the actual scan doesn’t.Although I do question if carcass weight adjustment is right!!

Please also note that I have been involved in a few progeny trials and well aware of the results from many others and in every one there has been no correlation between an eye muscle scan and overall meat yield. In other words an Ema figure is only telling you about that one part of the sheep. For example nothing about the hindquarter, which Waidalerams have a reputation for.

30 week fleece weights: The Romneys were all shorn at the end of July. All weights in the catalogue have been adjusted to reflect a 30 week growing period.

Weaning and 200 day weights: weaning weights were taken 5 December 2017, the day I weaned and a second weight taken 30 January 2018.

The weights listed have been adjusted to an apparent weight at 100 days and 200 days to reflect the age of the animal at the time of weighing. Again it is relevant comparison, but certainly not an actual representation of their weight at 200 days particularly as the animal is weighed well before they reach that age (around 170 days) to reflect the commercial reality and benefit of having your lambs hitting target kill weights as early as you can (as opposed to say April when they may be 200 days old). In other words we are trying to identify the earlier growth.

SIL Figures in Catalogue.

All SIL figures are taken from the weekly NZGE analysis consisting of 1205 flocks, its run every week: the figures are from 12 October 18 run. This is the new single step evaluation with genomic breeding values included, which has the new meat module, which already I think is even more of a waste of time than I was before!!!!

Again Romney Sil Figures don’t have Lw8 used to calculate Nlbbvs, despite the fact the science strongly supports such a calculation but it’s being excluded from the NZGE.

The indexes we use are the New Zealand Terminal Worth index and NZMW + M, which is Maternal Worth plus Meat, I have used this index for the romneys to ensure that the index is basically the same as what we have provided for last 9 sales. Some Romney studs simply run a Maternal worth index, ignoring meat, which I was tempted given how unreliable the meat index is, but I have tried to remain consistent with the information I have provided to you before.

The other thing to note is the emabvs are considerably different these days, as now they are all carcass weight adjusted, which as general rule of thumb means the emabv is a lot less than in recent years. This is common phenomenon across all flocks in New Zealand.

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  • Payment terms of 14 days from the date of sale apply.
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